Frequent Questions

What kind of wallpaper does Atelier Wall offer?
Atelier Wall works mainly with non-woven fabric paper, which is textile-based support with a painted acrylic vinyl layer that allows it to remain waterproof. It resists light aggression and allows a great duration of its colors and inks with the passage of time.
Its main feature is that it has a very simple application. The adhesive can be placed directly on the wall and, without waiting or drying times, it is possible to position the wallpaper at the moment.

The material of which it is made makes it resistant to steam, fire and UV rays.

In addition to non-woven fabric paper, we offer natural paper or vinyl paper-based.

What is mean with “rapport”?
The rapport is used to determine how the wallpaper graphic should coincide with the contiguous strips and make it continue both to the right and to the left. To calculate the number of rolls required, you need to know this dimension for each model.
How can I calculate the number of rolls I need?
We suggest using our roll calculator which you will find by selecting the desired graphic from “STORE”. Our calculator automatically takes into account the specifications of the model chosen (height, roll width and rapport) so the only information needed to complete the calculation is the size of the wall where you want to apply the wallpaper.
How to apply wallpaper?
The wallpaper allows a simple and clean positioning, you just have to follow the following steps and you will see how to get a good result in a short time!
To start, it is essential to have the following tools at hand: wallpaper rolls, cutter and/or scissors, wallpaper glue, tape measure, glue brush and spatula.
Step by step explanation:
1) Cut the roll taking as reference the height of the wall plus 5 cm on each side.
2) Draw a straight line on the wall taking the corner of the wall as a reference so that the drawing is straight.
3) Apply the recommended glue in a layer: – Traditional paper: on the back of the paper, leaving the strip to rest for 5 minutes.
– Non-Woven paper: on the wall, on a surface slightly larger than the width of the roll.
4) We will start positioning from above by keeping the 5cm in excess at the top taking as reference the vertical line we have already made. Next, press the strip from top to bottom with a soft brush or a clean cloth.
5) Repeat the same process with the following strips and cut the excess with the cutter (the 5cm we recommend to keep at each application).
It is important to ventilate the room so that the paper dries well.
Can we create custom wallpapers?
In Atelier Wall we desire to have all our customers be satisfied and happy to have trusted us. For this reason, we allow creating customized solutions. If you have an inspiration or you want to have a unique creation, don’t hesitate to write to us and we will contact you to provide you with a solution and a project budget.
Can wallpaper be placed in the kitchen or bathroom?
Yes, but we recommend to avoid areas of direct contact with water, not to apply them on porous walls or on tiles.
Can wallpaper be cleaned?
Yes, thanks to the ownership of the paper it is possible to pass a damp cloth (only with water, other products could damage it).
How can I make the payment?
We put at your disposal the payment through PayPal to place your order. This does not mean that you have to have a PayPal account, it serves only as a platform to guarantee a secure payment. You can use your usual card to make the purchase (VISA, Mastercard, American Express).
Product return
Atelier Wall products can be returned within 14 days. The product must be in perfect condition and without breaking the protective film or label. For the return you will have to use the same package received. Once our team receives the goods and checks the status of the goods, we will refund the amount through the payment method made by the customer.
Contact Atelier Wall
You can contact our team with an email to info@atelierwall, we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.
Timetable from 09:00 to 18: 00h (CET) ..
Shipments outside the European Union
We are working to provide our services in almost all countries but at the moment it is only possible in European Union countries.